Jobs Info

i. sales (women aged---20-25)     number: number
1. engaged in the sale, Office furniture experience preferred.
2. have some client resources, can be familiar with Office software ...
3. good communication skills and team spirit.
II: customer service (women aged---20-25)    number: number
1. responsible for publicity and promotion of business;
2. is responsible for the company's target customer contact, maintenance and development of new customers;
3. customer data collection and establish customer records.
Job requirements:
1. the confident and optimistic, positive, willing to accept the sale of physical and psychological challenges;
2.20 per cent, above the junior middle school education level, with telephone marketing, furniture and other related experience preferred;
3. handsome, standard Mandarin, sweet voice, quick thinking and language expression ability;
III: long-term recruitment of wood, screens, and apprentices.