Office furniture how to layout?

Now many Office furniture company furniture screen work is designed, it can be connected to several desks to cut off to form a group, Office furniture disassembly and Assembly personnel with special emphasis in the layout, we can these groups with vertical or diagonal to ingenious combination, making it meet the requirement of reasonable design changes.
In addition, the Cabinet layout should try to rely on "wall benefits", that is, let the Cabinet against the wall as possible, so as to save space, but also can make the Office more neat and beautiful.
To attach importance to personal circumstances, personal attention, and as far as possible space without interference, according to the characteristics of the Office should do when sitting, you can easily look around, interference from external line of sight when at the desk and concentrate on my work. This partition is about 1200 mm in height, in a small group of tables and table's height as 900 mm apart, while the Office Division of regional high partition set to 1500 mm, dimensions worthy of our reference in design, ...
Sales office equipment currently on the market from the partition using facial tapestry materials, these materials have absorption beautiful effect, color and material. Office decorating project, we made partitions other than the size, should also pay attention to the materials selection, and note also that undertones of office furniture problem. Higher acquisition and customization of wood (such as great wood) line to close, which brings sense of high office partitions that can be made.

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