Furniture specifications must comply with the relevant standards

Specifications must conform to the relevant standards for furniture, Office furniture disassembly and maintenance experts give some valuable suggestions for members ' reference:
One is to strictly control the seat and the height difference of the desktop;
Second, upholstered furniture sofas and semi soft density foam used in furniture chairs to moderate;
Third, Office Chair must be comfortable.
In terms of comparing the scientific and technological content of the products, furniture procurement technology-intensive products should be used, and to improve product performance. Because the furniture procurement bidding documents of recent years has not only requires companies to provide access to production and technology patents, but also in their Conference Chair product innovation philosophy and corporate research and innovation capabilities and standards. It also led many to strengthen the scientific and technological strength, introduced a number of technical innovations products. In terms of quality tested products, Zhou Yubin believes that the appearance of the product quality is the acceptance of the procuring tangible, and see, can be tested from 6:
Volume of box measurement products for the main dimensions;
Second, that opened the cupboard door and see if the door is straight, Chair furniture color;
Three hands, namely identification of the sliding door is open and flexible, open cabinet door hinge hear no sound, take off the cable box inner edge of the inspection hole, bare-handed massage sofa and mattress spring grinding noise;
Four touch, that hand touch paint film surface, view base material surface flat degrees, from paint film feel identification base material surface sand light quality, cannot touch out wood reinforced, cannot in paint film surface has falls dust produced of particles, Office Chair paint film no sent stick, unarmed stretch into to sofa seat and back Zhijian of gap at cannot hit nail pointed thorn hand,;
Five, and opens the doors and drawers, there can be harsh, acrid smell, open end of the sofa fabric, nor smell of benzene, toluene and other harmful gases in the adhesive odors;
Six search, which uses hardware brand, Executive Chair drawer slides, hinges, locks, pressure rods and other brands are domestic or imported brands, but also to test steel plate thickness of the Cabinet. BACK PAGE