Office furniture selection in recommended an integrated principle

Office furniture choice recommendations for integration of basic principles, the following Office furniture designers to introduce principles of office furniture to buy.
In a single product design, furniture requires a certain degree of compatibility. Are better on the style, color matching and avoid combination problems. For example, most modern office desk beige color, style and most simple, so take care of the compatibility requirements, easy to adjust convergence.
Style into goals
Each Office has its own characteristics, in addition to practical, while there is an additional layer of function is passed through to the customer the industry features and operating characteristics, penetrate humanity environment in enterprises, with the combination of enterprise culture, echoing each other. The Office of "planning system as a whole," the ultimate goal, namely, to achieve these objectives, to create a unique style of office space, staff value easier to integrate harmony, for corporate image, add more luster.
1: the triangle of the small reception desk, practical yet featured. 2: luxury and aristocratic, prepared specifically for upscale reception room. 3: color moderate, Middle screens made of glass material, enhanced permeability. 4: atmospheric qualities, are bright yellow as the embellishment to create premier without losing the affinity of the Manager's Office. 5: patchwork table consists of three parts, ingenuity, the best choice for small conference rooms. BACK PAGE