Key points should be paid attention to in used Office furniture

Used Office furniture, we should pay attention to what point? Staff details of office furniture.
No matter what Office furniture can not be placed in damp, or rust, and even led to loss of deposit. Chrome-plated film appear as yellow-brown filigree, with a neutral oil often cleans, prevent its extension to expand. If you have rust, cotton, silk or brush dipped in oil paint on rust, wipe back and forth for a while and then, up to rust removal, absolutely not with sandpaper.
Normally no chrome on chrome furniture with a layer of rust, put it in a dry place.
No matter which coating of metal Office desk furniture, move would have to be handled with care, avoid the bump; avoid touching hard metal parts, such as a fruit knife, keys, so as not to cause scratches. Fold not too hard, ensure the fold is not damaged.