Breakthroughs in modern furniture, materials, colors and shapes

Breakthroughs in materials, colors and shapes of modern furniture, modern office furniture designers to talk about it.
Furniture is the most commonly used types of plates, and modern furniture is breaking the rules, a lot of metal, paint, glass, plastic and other materials applied to them, to its personality, aloof and out of the ordinary. Although different materials, modern furniture is never too much publicity, it just silently, a strong Forte of these materials show. For example: a metal CD rack, elegant, space-saving and practical; a chair with colored plastic texture, looked thin and transparent, in terms of load he is, but also very comfortable.
Modern furniture has abandoned the traditional sense of a warm-up with neutral tones, grey, white and black are the most commonly used several colors. It pursues an unobtrusive texture, as well as a status symbol. In addition, the color design in modern style furniture was also affected by a number of schools of thought of modern painting. By emphasizing the contrast between colors to coordinate the pursuit of a universal eternal themes of art. Therefore, some traces of modern abstract paintings may appear on the furniture. Successful people in this society, cool colors can make peace of mind a lot of neutral, also can not forget about work.
Modern furniture design or a simple line-oriented; or full of creativity, imagination, but no matter how simple or how many changes, will still maintain its diverse functionality. It is inversely proportional to the complicated shape, give full play to the "minimalist" advantage. In this way, not only makes interior spaces seem more spacious and bright, it will save you a lot of places. In addition, the emphasis on functional modern furniture has never been reduced pretty but impractical but never want to express things. Even if a simple table, it can also provide you with several different ways to use, flexible and convenient. BACK PAGE